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Project Profile

Location:  Mono Mills, Ontario

Date:  June 3, 2010

Contour was Contracted By:  Geo-Solar Systems  


Client:  Andy Meeker


Project Description: To directional drill approximately 280 feet from Mr. Meeker’s backyard to his furnace room in the basement.   To pull back two 1¼” geothermal loop pipes.



On June 3rd, 2010, a Contour Directional Drilling crew travelled to Mono Mills to conduct a geothermal directional drilling job for long-term client Geo Solar Systems out of Fergus.  The job was located at the home of Mono Mills resident Andy Meeker.  The project required approximately 280 feet of directional boring from Mr. Meeker’s backyard to his furnace room located in his basement.   Every drill-shot requires specific attention to detail and this job was no different:  Contour needed to be extremely accurate, positioning the drill-shot so that it went through a designated 1 square-foot hole into Mr. Meeker’s basement and through to the furnace room.  A square foot hole from 280 feet away leaves no room for error and the Contour crew did not disappoint.  To the delight of Geo Solar and Mr. Meeker the job was completed in one shot covering just one day.  Contour also had to pull back two geothermal pipes, both being 1 ¼“.  The end result is two happy Contour clients and a new geothermal system for Mr. Meeker.   


Project Profile

Geo Solar Systems (based in Fergus, Ontario): Contour Directional Drilling has a long, working history with this great company!

Project Profile

The location that Contours directional drill was setup at Andy Meekers Mono Mills property.

Project Profile

A picture of Contours 280 foot drill-shot. The drill-path goes underneath the Meeker lawn and into a 1 Square Foot hole in his basement wall.